The best-in-class brokerage platform offers market-leading technology and bandwidth, with broader reach and client resources, optimizing capital migration and 1031 exchanges like no other, due to the largest buyer pools and a global backing. This Co-Brand with Jonna Group delivers added value that is focused on growing and preserving client wealth with unparalleled network, connectivity, and deal flow.

Jonna Group has built a reputable brand over the years. They manifested market and mind share as consistent market producers. They are often closing big marquee deals and work with some of the industry's largest clients due to a potent tenacity. "We are grateful for our past experience and are fortunate to have done so well, yet this was a natural evolution for us that supports our accelerated growth as a Go-To brand" says Raymond Jonna. As #1 ranked producer throughout the greater region over the last decade and #2 all-retail team east of the Mississippi (EAST USA) in the latest rankings, the group seeks to set the standard with a reputation for results.

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